Disable onboard GPU | Asus ROG laptop

I just bought an ASUS ROG Strix laptop with a Ryzen 5800h and an RTX 3060. Is there a way to disable the onboard GPU so only the discreet one will be visible on the system?

I know that power consumption will be bigger and battery life will be worse but I am afraid that the hybrid mode will not work as it should.

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You might find a setting to disable the iGPU in the BIOS? Knowing the precise model of the laptop might offer more clues.

This would generate hardware information you can share as a shortlink.

inxi -Fxxc0z | eos-sendlog

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Here’s some useful links:

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yes, you can use asusctl to do it.


Asusctl allows u to disable the igpu, supergfxctl allows u to disable the dgpu. These utilities are a replacement for the whatevercrate from asus on windoze.


Wow thanks, didn’t know this existed. I will give it a try then because today I installed Windows 11 pro so I could use all the features.

Albeit a custom version stripped from Edge / OneDrive / ads etc etc.

Um. . . I don’t think asusctl will help you on Windows. And of all the new things I’ve seen about W11, calling them “features” is a pretty far stretch, especially to most of us here.

Is there something you’re missing from Linux that you consider a feature from Windows?

on windows he should use g-helper.

I want to use all the features, that is why I was checking Windows. Though after installing Windows 11 Pro (with a script removing telemetry/ads/edge/one drive etc), I still fojnd myself frustrated with how it handles… Almost everything. So after suggesting asus rog center for Linux, I don’t believe there is anything stopping me from using EndeavourOS!

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