Disable clipboard history on EndeavourOS KDE

Hello friends.

I want to delete/disable the clipboard history, I’ve tried to disable several options in the settings (my English is bad sorry), but it still saves the history.

Disabling the check in the history settings, doesn’t seem to work after hitting Apply and Ok.

I’m looking on google but the people who managed to fix it were on KDE Ubuntu or other distributions.

Thanks in advance.

Set history size to “1 entry” in that first screenshot.

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Thanks but, after setting it to 1, it still appears at the bottom right, even if I clear the history, it appears again.

Unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to disable this in this version of KDE, but it seems that it can be disabled in other versions of KDE from other distributions, like in Kubuntu, but because they have different settings options.

Thanks anyway, I’ll leave it set to 1, at least it’s less worse than 20 and not too annoying either.

You can disable that applet. Right click near the clock(without clicking on the clock) and select “Configure System Tray”. Then set it to disabled on the “Entries” page.


Omg, this was what I saw on google! Another secret/hidden setting option, I really never would have guessed it was in that part of the taskbar/notification area.

It’s just what I wanted, it works! Apparently yes, all KDE have the same settings then.

Thanks again Mr. Dalton!

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