DirectX9 game with wine on older hardware

Hello everyone,

I’m a new EndevourOs user, and a new member on this forum, and i have some linux expirience, but I don’t have gaming-setup expirience on linux so I need some help…

I have intel I5-2400 and AMD Radeon HD5450 gpu and I want to play old DirectX 9 games, so my question is should i use gallium-nine?

So far I already installed wine, and wine-nine. Should I install something else and what else I need to do in order to make this possible?

Depends on game, but don’t expect great performance or trouble-free experience, because it looks like your GPU doesn’t seem to support Vulkan - which is bad for gaming (i guess that’s where gallium-nine should come handy) :frowning_face:

Generally speaking just read this guide not sure about gallium-nine though, coz i had no personal experience with it.

Aaaand welcome!