Directions for Custom Endeavour ISO running KDE

I did notice there is a typo in the run_before_squash script. Line 92:

rm "# Set wallpaper for live-session and original for installed system

I think something is missing or the rm " just needs to be removed.

This pops up when it runs which made me notice it:

rm: cannot remove '# Set wallpaper for live-session and original for installed system'$'\n''mv endeavouros-wallpaper.png /etc/calamares/files/endeavouros-wallpaper.png'$'\n''mv /root/livewall.png /usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds/endeavouros-wallpaper.png'$'\n''chmod 644 /usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds/*.png'$'\n\n\n''# TEMPORARY CUSTOM FIXES'$'\n\n''# Fix for getting bash configs installed'$'\n''cp -af /home/liveuser/{.bashrc,.bash_profile} /etc/skel/'$'\n\n''# Move blacklisting nouveau out of ISO (copy back to target for offline installs)'$'\n''mv /usr/lib/modprobe.d/nvidia-utils.conf /etc/calamares/files/nv-modprobe'$'\n''mv /usr/lib/modules-load.d/nvidia-utils.conf /etc/calamares/files/nv-modules-load'$'\n\n''# Get extra drivers!'$'\n''mkdir /opt/extra-drivers'$'\n''sudo pacman -Sw --noconfirm --cachedir /opt/extra-drivers r8168'$'\n\n''# install packages'$'\n''mkdir -p /usr/share/packages'$'\n''sudo pacman -Sw --noconfirm --cachedir /usr/share/packages grub eos-dracut kernel-install-for-dracut refind os-prober xf86-video-intel'$'\n\n''# Clean pacman log and package cache'$'\n''rm /var/log/pacman.log'$'\n''# pacman -Scc seem to fail so:'$'\n''rm -rf /var/cache/pacman/pkg/'$'\n\n''#calamares BUG'$'\n''rm -rf /home/build'$'\n''#/var/log/pacman.log': No such file or directory

A couple of tips for using makepkg

  1. In your home directory make a directory named Packages
  2. edit /etc/makepkg.conf



Instead of placing the finished package in amongst the source files, this will place the
package in ~/Packages. Easier to find, plus if you are compiling more than one package, all packages end up in the same place.

and change




Which will change the compression type to zst


Fixed misspelled word


Good idea. Thanks.

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I can’t find command rm in the beginning of that line… and here the line number is 69. Where did you get that file?

EDIT: OK, you seem to be using Joe’s dev version…

The file has already been updated. There was a mis-paste before a commit and rendered a section unusable. I works fine now and I have my custom live image. Already had to use it this morning on another laptop that upgraded mesa.

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to use personal dotfiles for the live session you will need to clean some script or modify to use yours.
We do create a skel package for the live session on the run but on installing it will use default skel package. so in case you want your personal skel setup installed with offline install you need to modify the way it runs on the ISO build…
I can help with that indeed…

# Build liveuser skel
cd "airootfs/root/endeavouros-skel-liveuser"
makepkg -f
# Install liveuser skel (in case of conflicts use overwrite)
pacman -U --noconfirm --overwrite "/etc/skel/.bash_profile","/etc/skel/.bashrc" -- "/root/endeavouros-skel-liveuser/"*".pkg.tar.zst"
# Remove liveuser skel to then install user skel
pacman -Rns --noconfirm -- "endeavouros-skel-liveuser"
rm -rf "/root/endeavouros-skel-liveuser"

the skel package used for livesession is taking the settings from here:

I really just need the files for the live session for troubleshooting my clients computers. I has a custom bash script, instructions, and aditional programs installed. I use the regular image for installs.

I actually put the files in a folder then copy them to the liveuser folder towards the end of the run_before script and give them liveuser permissions. It works for the intended purpose.


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