Direction in install xfce system wide theme and icons

Hi everyone,
Firstly, congrats on your distro. It has been the only one that has worked, “out of box” on VM.
After having a stroke driving, I needed a click and point distro so host is Manjaro xfce Guest EndeavourOS xfce.
However, my neurologist said “use it or lose it”. It’s learning everything from scratch and Endeavour seems to be the best arch learning distro.
I would like a lighter theme and icon set. In the past my attempts have screwed up the system. I have noticed your “Vanilla” option but I am looking for something with a bit more polish, just not black based. If possible with hdpi or xhdpi.
Thanks to the stroke, I now have a permanent tremor. From touch typing 65 words @ minute to two finger hunt and peck. Who would have thought that closing a window, is now a past-time of find the button.
All suggestions appreciated.

Hi @Cencar, sorry to hear about your stroke. A good site to look for themes and icons for XFCE is a lot of the themes are pretty easy to install by downloading and extracting them to the right directory. Alternativly you can use ocs-url which is installable from the AUR which will extract and place the theme in the right location for you which may be easier.
Some nice light themes that are on there include
I haven’t used XFCE for a while but if you have any issues installing them I can probably help guide you through it.

Sorry to hear about your stroke, it really sucks i can imagine.

I use elementary icon theme, I like the simplicity of this icon theme.
elementary-icons-xfce is also very good.
Papirus is also a very good one.

As system theme i tried many like matcha but almost all user themes have some kind of flaws in it causing all kinds of errors in xsessions-errors. (i mean flooding with errors caused by the theme)
So in the end i settled for adwaita theme (as it is sharp to read) with a dark panel bar (rightclick panel bar, choose panel/panel preferences/theme and set use darkmode)

When I was in favour of lighter themes, my favourite for GTK was Matcha:

However, since it hasn’t seen an update for 3 years, I wonder if it’s still maintained.
Now I use dark variant of Skeuos, but its lighter variant seems as good. Match it with Flat-Remix icon theme and you’re all set.

Just remember, if you want to install themes system-wide, you have to move the themes to appropriate directories, in this case /usr/share/themes for GTK and /usr/share/icons for icon sets.

The files at are certainly 3 years old, but thankfully it is still maintained (with a release on 1st May this year) -

When using Xfce, I always go for the Greybird theme and Papirus icons. You can install both on Endeavour with: yay -S papirus-icon-theme xfce-theme-greybird

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A special shout to @smokey & @fred666 for their sympathetic words of recognition, it really makes a difference.
Now back to the real issue, how do I theme my xfce without screwing it up.
It would appear @erne.d.98: & @r0ckhopper have come up with the answer.
Complete with commands, it really doesn’t get any better!
Thanks,to one and all, I now have Greybird-accessibility theme and Papirus icons.


If ‘aiming’ can be a challenge at times, one of the features of XFCE should be very welcome. Rather than having to find a ‘zone’ for resizing or moving windows, if you hold down ALT then the left mouse button will grab the window from ANYWHERE within it for moving - and the right mouse button will grab the window for resizing, also from anywhere within it. Fewer steps, more speed, and less aiming!

Depending on your available time (!) - it is possible to set up scripts for many ‘regular’ tasks as well - and they CAN include keyboard commands within them using xdotool. Here is an example I use for ‘processing’ web info (a sports team schedule) into a simple list for screen display. :pizza:

# Basic for loop
sleep 3
for ((i=1;i<=30;i++)); do
xdotool key Home Home End Tab Delete End Tab Delete End Tab Delete End Tab Delete Down  
echo All done

The possibilities are endless… :grin:

Feel free to ask about whatever comes up in your journey - people here have a surprising breadth of knowledge - or suggestions!

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