Diggin fantascene-dynamic-wallpaper the application in the aur

live wallpapers on Linux are pretty sexy & don’t freeze up my computer like they did years ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (when they first came out on windows… at least that is only when I recall them coming out)

PS: of course, a screenshot won’t do it justice because it is animated lol but it’s wicked/sick looking on my 55 inch flat screen Samsung TV



Half of me wants to install and try.

The other half of me is like “You use a tiling window manager, that will NEVER show up”

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One more screenshot of my animated wallpaper(s)… this one is D0P3 because it fits the EndeavourOS theme so well IMO

I wish you guys could see it… he is walking towards earth. it’s pretty meditative)

one more! cars even wiz past him as he walks towards the galaxy… nebula sorta thing in the background

I might try it when I get home; is the package just a selection of wallpapers? Or does it allow you to create them?

I downloaded all of mine off from free sites or I used video download helper (firefox extension) and ripped them from youtube.

here is one more screenshot. in this one the halo ACTUALLY glows!

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someone private messaged me this question and i thought i would just make it public so everyone can attain what i have… here are some sites i used:

i am sure there are some i missed and i am sorry. i cannot recall every site i have been to that had animated short clips (other than a longer one i have of my dog by a campfire) which is exactly what i used. most were designed specifically to be for animated wallpapers though. i googled something along the lines of “live wallpapers free animated for PC.” specially: https://www.google.com/search?q=live+wallappers+free+animated+for+pc&client=firefox-b-1-d&sxsrf=APwXEdfrPyA4IrSTLUJqFtnZY4FW4QNixQ%3A1685932669083&ei=fUp9ZLXhBP6pptQP4oGLsA0&ved=0ahUKEwj1k-zOjKv_AhX-lIkEHeLAAtYQ4dUDCA8&uact=5&oq=live+wallappers+free+animated+for+pc&gs_lcp=Cgxnd3Mtd2l6LXNlcnAQAzIGCAAQFhAeMggIABCKBRCGAzIICAAQigUQhgMyCAgAEIoFEIYDMggIABCKBRCGAzoECAAQRzoICAAQCBAeEA1KBAhBGABQHljYFGD7FWgGcAJ4AIABpwGIAdUGkgEDMC43mAEAoAEBwAEByAEI&sclient=gws-wiz-serp. i will update this later in a sort of more organized fashion later. on youtube i searched for live wallpapers, or animated wallpapers, i even searched for animated dna clips which i thought where cool. you can do the same for yourself.

(one more screenshot of an animated wallpaper i just downloaded today the sun glows and floats along with all the other planets)

PS: if anyone finds a really cool site or a really cool animated wallpaper please do share it on this thread so i can use it to :wolf:

I have ended up not using it as it for some reason stops working after sleep, though it may be caused by other problems.

As I am using KDE, ended up using KDE Lockscreen Video plugin, which I can actually see at times unlike ordinary desktop wallpaper. The video formats are compatible.

Hi @whitewolfAK47 ,

I like to share some info of my dwall.
I am using Mabox and made a dwall weekly script for it, with some help from @napcok developer of mabox. The main script comes from Archcraft github dwall.

It’s different from your dynamic wallp. Yours is random ??? And is it constant dynamic (glowing)??

The idea of this dwall is that the sunset of the day and colors are going with the hour of the day.

Standalone dwall weekly. The animation pix are spread over the week and follows the story of the animation. It uses Nitrogen.
Tested on i3 and Openbox.

I ripped an animation from "Love,Death&robots - NightFish’. (copyright??? :troll:)
Planning to generate my own weekly theme’s.

For more info …
Topic on Mabox forum.

I am looking for a way to use AI to generate my own pictures of the hour.
My computer is not strong enough to use for AI. :frowning:
Online is not free and money goes away very quickly.


Hi @whitewolfAK47 ,


My curiosity is piqued how the animation runs on your desktop.

Could you post a gif animation of your desktop.

So that we can get an active impression of the dynamic-wallpaper.
The scenes look good.

Imgbb is a good place for posting gifs.

You probably have your own favorite tools to turn an mp4 into a gif.
I can explain how I do it.

Look forward to it. :robot:

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These are so Cool! Do you have any ideas for what to create next? Do you do this for hobby or a living?

He also does really beautiful eos wallpapers :wink:

sorry for the late response… i had actually not been home for over a week now. i will try and find a way to post a animated gif of my desktop for you. i don’t know how right now but i want to try and figure it out. it has to be possible.

hobby… i um think i wanted this youtube video the most: 8K Ultra HD 12 Hours - Ambient Space Walk. Screensaver, Live Wallpaper - YouTube but i tried to download it with firefox’s extension video download helper & also a program called 4k video downloader and every time i tried it failed. i don’t really know why but i will think of something next for sure maybe the human brain and its glowing neurons firing in it… existed on the net somewhere? possibilitys are endless. i liked the astronaut thingy on youtube because it reminded me of endevouros and is sooo damn meditative.

thankx FRIEND!!! :wolf:

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Ok, it would be a little goofy but you could screen record using OBS so that you only trim a snippet instead of the whole 12 hours. Might be a bit of a pain though lol

this one is really kool for brain lovers: https://pixabay.com/videos/brain-nervous-sci-fi-infinite-159049/

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it’s animated i can’t remember where i found it unfortunately (it spirals in a circle & the brain occasionally glows a light red)

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