Different wallpapers on different workspaces

Hi all,

As I always screw my Eos when playing with WM, I decided , why not to change KDE to look more like WM. Funny right :smiley:

I slowly binding keyboards to specific apps, workspaces etc.

What I want to do, but dont know how, to set different wallpaper for different workspaces :slight_smile:

Any suggestions ?


Atm it looks like this

Do you want to do this in KDE or a WM? Not sure but I think you would need a third party app that can do such. KDE used to have it built in. But I haven’t used a actual DE in several years

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I want to do that in KDE

Would you mind telling which WM can have different wallpaper for each workspace? :thinking:

As for KDE, you can do this for different Activities, or different monitors.


Ok, maybe I was wrong. I thought that I saw that somewhere, but never used.

I have 4 virtual desktops. I want to change wallpapers for each of them. Is that possible ?
I never used Activities

If you replace workspaces with activities (also, in your mind :smile: ), you will be able to achieve what you were trying to do:

Let only one workspace and replace any panel workspace pager(s), with activity pager(s).
You are experimenting, so, here you have an experiment! :rofl:


Wow that worked … Thanks :slight_smile:

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I normally use Activities to achieve this.

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Yeah, that is what I am using now also :slight_smile: good to know

Btw welcome :slight_smile:

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