Different font encoding on Endeavour and Arch?

Hello everyone,

does Endeavor code fonts differently to Arch? Or did I cause this on my own with some setting? (which?). /etc/locale.conf and /etc/locale.gen are the same on my Arch and Endavour machines.

I use a PC with Arch and recently installed Endeavouros using the Cinnamon DE on my laptop. I installed the mononiki nerd font because that’s what I’m using on my PC in the terminal and I wanted to reuse the configs. Especially my neovim config which uses some icons from the mononoki nerd font. And yes, I use the same terminal (Alacritty) on my PC and laptop with the same config.

But no symbol is displayed correctly, some are the wrong symbols and some can’t be displayed at all. If I use the nerd font cheatsheet on my PC, every icon is displayed as expected when I paste an icon into the terminal, however if I use the website on my laptop, the issues explained above also apply.

I also noticed, that if I share files between my systems containing the letters “äöü” in their names, the name is displayed wrong on the system which is not the system I used to write the file on.

Any help would be appreciated

This sounds like a locale problem. Or alacritty is loading a different font (for example if you have mononiki font from 2 sources with the same name - one with glyphs and one without).

You can also check yay -Qe for difference in installed packages. There may be some critical font package missing.

Other than that you can compare your config with tools like kdiff3 or meld to spot even the tiniest difference. Depending on how “same” are your 2 system it may be trivial task (or not). If you have the same packages with the same configs then there should be no difference between Arch and EndeavourOS.

This looks like a problem with UTF-8 encoding. One of the systems have probably ISO-8859-1.
But that difference should be visible in /etc/locale.conf and/or /etc/locale.gen. Unless you have some locale change in user’s home configs directories (e.g. $HOME/.locale).


Thank you, there were indeed different Mononoki Nerd Fonts installed on my Endeavour laptop. Although the same is true for my Arch machine. On the latter it worked, on my laptop, it didn’t. Now it does, I had to delete the wrong directory and change the font name in the Alacritty config. Bit of a silly mistake (sorry), but hey, we are in the Newbie section.
Thanks for your help!

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