Difference Trizen Snapd

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I just moved to linux and striaght to endeavour. I know this a more than ingenuine question, but any answer would be highly appreciated:)

So actually the question is already up there. I got that Snapd is kind of an alternative to a tool like “yaourt”. But what needs would I want to work with trizen. Or in other words whats the ideia of these two tools?

thanks again a lot!!
Happy to have moved to endeavour:)

welcome to Linux and EOS/Arhc specifically. I think you’ve got a couple of concepts mixed up. In Linux software is generally installed via managed package managers. Each distro or linux family has its own package manager, but in general they all do the same thing. They put files where they belong on the filesystem and to some extent manage program dependencies. Arch uses pacman to manage its packages, but other distros like the Debian based ones use APT and the Red Hat based ones use RPM. The issue is that package managers are not interchangeable you can’t generally install a debian or redhat package on arch and vice versa. Because of this other software distribution formats have evolved, like snaps (managed mainly by conical) and flatpacs (managed by redhat). These newer file distribution formats are self-contained and often for added security sandbox applications.
In arch yaourt, trizen, yay (and many others) automate the building and installing of unofficial packages from the AUR. These are unsupported by arch, but you can find almost anything you want.
So the short answer (I know to late to call this short) is that tools like trizen are incompatible with snaps for flatpacs. but other tools like gnomes software manager can install from multiple sources, although I don’t think AUR is one.
The bottom line you can use tools like trizen to install supported packages as well as unsupported ones from the AUR, and you can use snap to install snaps and flatpac to install flatpacs, assuming you’ve installed the appropriate support files them. See the archwiki for instructions on using snaps and flatpacs

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yeah snap and flatpaks you install the in sandbox focussed package + all depency what need. kinda centralized this way you can run multiple version. is not you always want that , but can be handy if a package get dificult to build and total unsupported…

yaourt vs yay vs trizen…

yaourt is old matter of security is worser because has no pgp check

yay & trizen is build with design of yaourt in mind…

on somepart yay does better, but on edit pkgbuild is not so direct as trizen… yay has some quirks on depency level with yay --editmenu you can edit the pkgbuild but if a depency on git and you want to use to build a package from repo like some dev-tools… it stil want the git version, trizen is more straight forward on that… pkgbuild re-edit is only need if a source get outof date and know how to do, because its from everywhere.

is just a different league then flatpaks snap or appimage.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate this help. I know it’s kind of a pain to answer that kind of question. But somewhere I need to get started. If you have any hint for a good ressource (maybe even a book) would be fantastic.
Anywas, thanks a lot!!

Thank you really, really a lot aswell! Really helped to clarify things:)

there is an Arch e-book :slight_smile:

sounds like a great start, thanks:)