Difference between "extract archive here" and "extract archive here, autodetect subfolder" in EndeavourOS KDE

Hello all friends.

When I was using Windows 10, when I right-clicked on packaged files like zip, rar, 7z, etc, I had the option "extract here/extract to subfolder, etc).

On windows, the first option will extract all files without a folder, and the second option will create a folder with the same name and extract the files inside.

But in EndeavourOS KDE I think it doesn’t work exactly the same.

Does anyone know what the difference is between “extract archive here” and “extract archive here, autodetect subfolder”?

I’ve tried both, but I don’t know which is the difference exactly, I haven’t noticed anything different.

Thanks in advance.

If I’m not mistaken “extract archive here” simply extracts the archive to a new directory of the same name, whereas “extract archive here, autodetect subfolder” will, in case your archive only contains one subfolder, extract that subfolder directly, i.e. not create a directory with the archive name.
That way you won’t have a new directory which just contains another directory and nothing else. Just a convenience feature, nothing more.

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Depends on the archive.

  1. Archive is called foo and contains 3 files, say 1.txt 2.txt 3.txt
  • Extract here - will put the files into the directory.
  • Auto detect will create a folder called the same as the archive if it can.

If the files are in the archive in a folder called bar containing same 3 files, then they will be extracted to called bar.

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