Didn't rebuild optimus-manager after latest update, boot stuck at flashing black screen!

After the recent update, I turned on my computer, only to be greeted by a flashing black screen occasionally accompanied by an underscore. Upon reading this post (https://forum.endeavouros.com/t/stuck-on-black-screen-after-update-on-gnome/10089/4), I believe that this is caused by the optimus-manager package on my Nvidia laptop, which I did not rebuild after the updates to Python.

Hitting Ctrl-Alt-F1 to F6 brought up the login prompt, but since the screen flashes repeatedly, every new black screen flash erases the login prompt and resets it back to the occasional underscore, thus hampering my progress. Ctrl-Alt-Del just reboots the system into the same broken state again.

I plan to run “yay” to update, then “yay -R optimus-manager”, followed by “yay optimus-manager-git” to install as the thread earlier mentioned that the git version is more up-to-date. Will this fix the issue?

I happen to have an EndeavourOS live USB at hand which I can plug into the same laptop, but I’m not sure what commands are required to login into my computer from the live USB’s terminal to complete the above steps.

Or if there’s another way to solve this issue, feel free to suggest it as well. Many thanks for your help in advance!

Yeah all python application’s need to rebuild to 3.9 compatibility… thats most with aur related stuf.

you can try two things boot ‘directly’ into tty or chroot.

boot directly too tty ,


you add that to grub, when you are in grub add e , en add this to the linux kernel line

or chroot, you need a usb with endeavouros…

would try first, de first one.

optimus-manager must have a rebuild to the next python… you can use git version eventuel, rebuild is importand

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i was wondering if one could add a boot entry to ommit booting to black screen if o-m fails? Like blacklisting nvidia ?

I’m now writing this post from my freshly rescued system, thank you!

I used the 2nd option with arch-chroot, as I needed to refer to this post while I attempt the solution. A little lazy to modify lines on grub and change them back later too!

I’ve managed to enter my system, run “yay” to update then uninstalled optimus-manager. I then wanted to install optimus-manager-git, but yay refused to install AUR packages as root, which is understandable.

I proceeded to reboot, and my system loaded fine with optimus-manager uninstalled! I then installed optimus-manager-git through yay, rebooted again just in case, and here am I!

Thanks for the suggestion, I was lacking knowledge of the chroot command to troubleshoot this independently. Hopefully the git version avoids this issue entirely.

yeah chrooting is a nice practice…difference git non git i dont know, but since optimus-manager needed a rebuild because of the new python update it needed a python rebuild.

for futher reference to python 3.10 would be the same fashion, Update-system then update the aur.

but depend mostly what you got.

in this case, you can see what it means that arch is not supporting partly updates :wink:
It does not mind that an outdated package does not work anymore.

Whenever I ran “yay” to update my system, it offered options to show diffs and cleanbuild any updated AUR packages. I guess selecting “[A] All” to cleanbuild everything would circumvent this issue whenever Python is updated?

just selecting to cleanbuild wil make a fresh python build. probably when you do yay -Sua next mayby the git passes by also i dont know :slight_smile: