Did you know this?

I just made a huge discovery… I mean it’s massive, so here’s a thread to share awesome stuff that many folks might not be aware of.

My favourite player is MPV, but I do watch a lot of stuff from Youtube. I use Clipgrab (right click to copy the URL in the browser and it gets grabbed and downloaded) quite a bit.

But today I opened an MPV window (Drop files or URLs to play here). Then looking at Youtube, dragged a thumbnail - the video plays in MPV and you continue to use your browser independently.


Have a go:


Yes, MPV plays YouTube videos if you give it the URL. Most media players do this.

Yes, but I never tried dragging before like that. I’m a bit slow I guess - nobody else slow like me? :frowning:

Thanks for the info. I didnt know that. It works fine for me with drag&drop from the youtube page, but if I drag&drop the embedded video from this page here mpv just exists. Hmmmmm…


Nearly always I play YT vids in MPV. I copy paste the link in terminal. mpv <some link>
Seems much lighter alternative to me, as compared to loading the bloated YT page when all I need is the video.

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I agree. We miss the days when Opera was cool and we could block all images and get text only on the web. Do you know any decent text only terminal browsers? hold on, more bloat - just run it in the TTY :wink:

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