Did I break my Firefox shortcuts or has there been a change?

I was using Ctrl+J to open the Downloads popup, but now this shortcut moves the focus to the address bar and automatically selects the default search engine, so that when I start typing i automatically enter search mode.

Did I inadvertently mess my settings or is this something a FF update has introduced?
Has anyone a clue how to revert to the previous functionality of the Ctrl+J shortcut?

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Hi old friend,

Apparently, something did change according to this:

How can I customise/remove a default keyboard shortcut? | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support

See last post.

Good or bad it looks like there is an extension you can add to manage these. See the post same thread that is marked as the solution.

Hope this helps :grinning:

No, you didn’t. They changed it to Ctrl+Shift+Y in the latest release.

There are 3 ways. One, use a plugin. Two, change the source code and compile the binary (which is a pain). Three, use autoconfig.

Phew, good to know I didn’t break anything myself. Self esteem level restored :slight_smile: Thanks.
I’d rather not use a new extension in Firefox. I have huge bloat in my OS (close to 3000 packages), but extensions bloat is something I cannot live with :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, that’s good enough for me, I’ll use the new shortcut (my search-foo was not good enough to find the new shortcut). Truth be told I like the functionality of the current CTRL+J, I just wished they didn’t override my old shortcut for it. I’ll get used to the new one, case closed for me :slight_smile: .

Thanks a lot all.

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