Devices on the local network do not see EndeavvvourOs(over WiFi)

Tell me where to look for the cause, please (besides my crooked hands).
Foreword: I have madjaro i3wm on my home computer – everything works.
I decided to try Endeavor, put it next to it, everything is fine.
But other devices on the local network (tablet, laptop, phones) — do not see the local network via Wifi (files shared via DNLA on the machine with Endeavor, the media server is not visible, running on Endeavor(plex, emby)).
I switch to majaro (I do not touch the router settings), everything is perfectly visible, again on endevaour - the error “ERR_ADRESS_UNREACHABLE”.
ufw-- is not installed or running.

That is probably because of the firewall. We use firewalld, not ufw.

You are right! thanks!, disabling (for the test) firewalld - everything is now visible!
But how can he (firewalld) be allowed to start devices from the local network?

You can just open the gui and check the boxes for the services you want to allow.

Take a look at the wiki entry:

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