[dev] touchpad as numPad

I find some small laptop which has a touchpad as numpad. Such as numpad asus and lenovo xiaoxin air 14. Those laptop can use touchpad as numpad.

I tried to install asus-touchpad-numpad-driver on my xiaoxin13 pro and install failed. Then I think there maybe a master who create an app to do same things. I tried libinput record and get the position coordinate on touchpad.

Before I spend time on develop an program to do that, I ask New Bing, it told me there is no such things and I can build one based on libinput. I think maybe New Bing know less, I want to ask you guys know any else program to do that thing?

It seems no a reply.

based on those, trying to dev one.

Why are you wanting to use the asus driver on a lenovo?

emm. I think input device are similar. why not my touchpad can not work as a numpad. so I tried asua driver to find out whether it work. And unable to install. Luckily, I find it easy to do that with python. I am programing

repo: https://github.com/BackMountainDevil/touchpadAsNumpad

still in dev. i18n will be added

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