Destination MAC address(Router) block

I need to block outgoing traffic to my Router using it’s mac as parameter.

My ISP has assigned a public IP address( to ISP ZTE make Router on WAN side thus eliminating NAT and Private IP addresses on significance of Router LAN side, thus exposing my laptop to its hackers.

Spoofing and DDoS possible as my pc is exposed to world and especially to ISP insiders who are engaged in cyber crime activity.

I want to protect my PC from ISP hackers using mac as filter.

I have disabled iptables.service and ip6tables.service to avoid conflict as firewalld.service oversees iptables function.

Found some help on internet,

iptables -I INPUT 1 -m mac --mac-source <blacklisted mac 1> -j DROP
while read mac; do iptables -I INPUT -m mac --mac-source $mac -j DROP; done < macs.txt

but the above bash command is meant for blocking incoming mac address, not outgoing. incoming can not be blocked as it is my internet provider router from ISP

I tried modifying the same for blocking outgoing traffic to destination mac(router of ISP)

sudo iptables -I OUTPUT 1 -m mac --mac-destination -j DROP

This results in an error " unknown option “–mac-destination”

Please help me to protect my PC from ISP malicious intentions of using its router mac address for spoofing and DDos attack

Also help me with correct command to block destination IP address using nat tables as tool ,
since using iptables command does not block them.

First, if you are using firewalld, you should do that in firewalld.

Second, just to be clear, you realize that if you blacklist your routers MAC address you will block all your internet traffic and potentially even your local LAN traffic if your router is also handling that?

Firewalld rich rule does not stop packet flow even if we block LAN IP’s to 142.250.X.X which is google IP.
Hence we need to use nft tables to block.
As far is router mac block is concerned,
I know if we block source mac (router) then internet will not work. But my PC out going traffic need not reach router mac . Using 443 port my pc can connect to any IP as long as it is not blocked.
Router mac as source can not be blocked. But Router mac as destination can be blocked.
Please help me on router mac block as destination mac from my pc source mac