Desktop Performance with 515.48.07 very bad (wayland)

Hello EndeavourOS Community,
I upgraded my system yesterday and upgraded some nvidia-packages from 515.43.04 to 515.48.07. The upgraded packages are: nvidia-dkms, nvidia-utils. After rebooting the next day I had very bad performance on desktop on things like dragging window and other animations on gnome 42.2.

Does somebody else have the same experience with the newest drivers?

I hate myself that I didnt backup my system yesterday…

Have you also tried it with X11?

Many people have issues using Wayland with Nvidia, and that’s why the combination is disabled by default.

There are other regressions that appeared between 515.43 and 515.48:

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It is possible to downgrade packages temporarily by using the downgrade utility.
But note that downgrading essential drivers may cause even more trouble, so make sure you have the USB installer ready, or can start a TTY session (typically by pressing Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F3).
Then you are able to update the system back to a working state.

Another thing to try is the LTS kernel, simply install packages linux-lts and linux-lts-headers and reboot with the LTS kernel.