Desktop login screen flicker for a second

After uninstalling nvidia driver see this thread: How to Uninstall (revert back to default driver) Nvidia Drivers?

whenever i on my PC and Login screen comes up, i can press the Num-lock and enter password normally, however if on login screen i let it be for a min and password field disappear and only time shows up and then if i press a key to enter my password (any key) to basically kind of wake the login screen. the screen flickers very intensively for a few second and then password field appear and it goes back to normally.

I am using SDDM and all theme shows this behaviour

i remember it didn’t happened before i installed and uninstalled NVIDIA drivers. i have tried to reapply the theme but it doesn’t fix the issue

i know it’s hard to explain and i tried to record it but my shitty mobile camera isn’t able to capture it.

Start here

Hopefully someone can see the logs and find out whats going on. Also note that third party themes can cause issues.

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After Testing a lot of login SDDM theme, i came to know that it flickers on all of them not on specific login screen. i think something broke with SDDM.

quick question, are you using x11 or wayland. What DE/WM are you using? things like this are important in helping you, since sddm will work with just about any DE/WM. Follow the link that thefrog posted and edit your main post with this info.

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It would be helpful to see the hardware and graphics output.

Post the url

inxi -Faz | eos-endlog

Post the output

inxi -Ga