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Ok so we are atm 3 guys tht\at want ro make a bswm edition . if anyone is interested in helping out please come to the bpwm thread we set up for this purpose . No previous knowledge is required but it would be nice if you know shell script as that would be a big help to us -Visit this link if you’re intersted in helping out

Just make a Github with some settings , and mayby a topic or change the topic

LEts make a BSPWM …

just make the foundation :slight_smile: if you look eneavour git you wil see in i3wm the basics how it should look.

edit: dont pull aur stuf :slight_smile: then is ok :slight_smile:

Closing this because it is probably better to keep the discussion in one place.

If anyone is interested in discussing or participating please join in on the other topic which is here:

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