Desktop environments are crashing after installing Deepin

After installing Deepin alongside KDE Plasma/GNOME and another desktop environments.When I running KDE Plasma/GNOME ,the desktop environment is crashing at first time and send me at login screen!At the second time should start normally but how to fix?



Deepin always had issues, at least on other didtros where I tried, never tried on arch. You could try reinstalling gnome pacman -S gnome

Not a good idea to install multiple desktops. Especially deepin.


Somewhat of a laconic answer:

You are in for looking for a needle in the haystack.


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Last I checked, deepin didn’t coexist well with other DEs, especially gnome. Although, I haven’t looked in quite some time so that could have changed.

In your case, you need to look into the logs and see what is failing.

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I uninstalled many desktops except Gnome and Plasma and have same issue but how to see logs?

Well that’s beyond tech-support that’s karma :smiley:

I would recommend a clean reinstall and never think about deepin in the future again.

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Look at logs!

I use Openbox btw! :grin:

It’s better to install different DEs on separate partitions

I only tried using multiple DEs on the same partition once several years ago, and it made a mess. Themes and settings were a disorganized mashup of all of them

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An app is starting automatically with any desktop environmment
How to disable it?


Lastly everyone is free to use what he wants. But to quit Windows, and then run Deepin, a DE/Distro that is developed to cut off users from the outside world, isn’t that much an improvement.

My 2 cents, everyone is free to have different opinion about this topic.

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Just for getting your line of thought:

Are you implying that Deepin - the desktop environment- whose components are open source, published on Github and also made available in Arch’s repo having been packaged by Arch maintainers, are in one form or another instruments for “doing misschiefs”, in the systems they are being installed on?


I couldn’t trust installing Deepin because it’s coded by the commies. No thanks.


In the end by installing it you’re beta tester for UOS it’s commercial sibling, which is closed source.
You’re supporting a piece of software that is pushed by a government, known for opressing it’s citizens.

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Well, that didn’t actually answer my question but anyways we can leave it at that.

Thanks for clarifying your line of argument!


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I can’t say if it’s doing misschiefs, but it isn’t worthy to support imho. As stated above you can have your own opinion on this this topic.

Yes, let’s not get into value judgments etc. etc.

What I was interested in was purely regarding the code of the software.

Well things happening right now. Chances get bigger. If so, don’t know.