.Desktop entry for appimage bug?


I try real hard to avoid AppImages, but one application I am using in particular forces me to.

I want to pin this application to my KDE taskbar, so I went ahead and created a .Desktop entry for it. It appears in my application dashboard and launches but despite pinning it to my taskbar, when I launch it, it still launches an additional icon in my taskbar rather than just opening on the one that is pinned in the taskbar.

How do I stop it from doing that?

Easy way make shortcut (right click menu → edit) → open app pin to taskbar
Could not make a duplicate to appear

The first image shows that my desktop entry forced the icon into the systems’ application list.

Second image shows the pinned icon to my taskbar on the left and the icon that additionally opens when I launch it. I want that additional icon to not appear when it’s launched.



sorry for any confusion add to here then launch and pin

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The reason why I created a .Desktop entry is because KDE Menu Editor does the same thing.

Someone told me it’s because I need a .Desktop entry but unfortunately it produces the same result.

Nvm I figured it out. My desktop entry was missing the StartupWMClass string value.

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