Desktop CBR file preview

Hello, I wanted to know how to view the previews of the CBR files, I have a collection of comics and I wanted to see the covers on the desktop, unfortunately I don’t find the voice on Dalphin settings, thanks.

Try installing the package unrar.

You will need to close and re-open dolphin after that to see them in dolphin.

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I installed URAR, for safety I restarted the system but the previews do not even appear on settings I don’t find CBR to appear, maybe I installed something different?

cbr is a complicated format because it basically indicates that it is a file compressed with “something” that has images inside of it in “some format”.

Mostly commonly, cbr is compressed using rar but not always.

Without being able to see exactly what it is compressed with and what image format is inside it is hard to say what you are missing.

You could try just installing all the things and see if that helps:

pacman -Syu kdegraphics-thumbnailers ffmpegthumbs p7zip unrar unarchiver lzop lrzip arj kimageformats qt5-imageformats qt6-imageformats libavif openexr libheif libjxl libraw unzip bzip2 --needed

That would more or less let you open almost any compressed file or image format.

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Thanks, it worked for the system folders but obviously it doesn’t work for shared folders on the network. However, I thank you for the time you dedicated to me.

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Make sure you have this setting set to an appropriate amount for network previews.


I have exactly this configuration, no preview, should I set it differently?

ok solved thank you very much

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