Dell 8940 BIOS bug error

I installed EOS Cinnamon yesterday. I enabled encryption. The initial screen, just as it asks for luks pass, is the image below. After searching the error online I think ive come to the conclusion that it s a windows linux incompatibility issue as this box came with windows. See link below.

Problem is I have to hit enter twice before it will allow me to enter luks pass, and I also have to enter pass twice as you can see in the image below. Is there a way to silence this bug? Is a new install suggested? Or am I struck with this stupid boot sequence? It s interesting to note that Gnom eos, (the last version,) silenced this bug message on screen, but the error was about 95% of the log file content.

Note: I can not seem to upload images now. All images I try are solid green in color, so I can not show the error.

Do you have the latest Bios version available?

Yes. I flashed it about 3 weeks ago. The previous eos with errors in logs stated the error then that is was corrected; over and over. Now it is calling it a bug right on the screen.

Let me try again. Im using my phone.

I see why I have to enter luks pass twice now. It is asking pass for two different drives, or rather, 2 different partitions, because I have only one NVMe drive. Why would it do that?

Probably other partition is encrypted? Swap?

That is not a bug, that is normal if you have more than one LUKS device to unlock. If you don’t want to enter the passphrase more than once you need to set up a keyfile.

You have at least two topic where it was mentioned you need to allow access to your HTML canvas data if you want to upload images (this one, and this one). All you have to do is click on the icon in your browser’s address bar and allow canvas access.

I should not have chose a swap during install process.

EOS certainly states the word “bug”. I should not have brought up the luks password issue in this thread as it is a seperate issue.

If you used a swap file instead would probably be a solution. :thinking: