Dell 7280 with fresh install hangs when disconnected from thunderbolt dock

Hi There!

I’ve decided to give endevour a try, and installed it on my work Dell 7280.
Everything went well, and was working well, until the first time i connected my StarTech Thunderbolt dock.
Since then, every time i unplug, and anytime my laptop is unplugged it hangs pretty much right after booting.

I’m pretty lost here, and dont know even where to start…
by some advice, i’ve looked at the jorunalctl logs when it happens, and nothing jumps out.

Any help will be appreciated

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can you check dmesg | grep firmware
or more speaky: journalctl -b -0 | grep firmware

You can try disabling c-states in the Bios. It may or may not work.

BIOS > Performance > C-States Control > uncheck the box > Apply > exit

Possible firmware update for the dock?

I ended up downgrading my kernel to the LTS one, and this stopped happening altogether.

Thanks for all the advice!