Deleting a boot entry

After having switched to systemd-boot I still have


I deleted both entries in EFI with efibootmgr -B -b <bootnum>

Question: Is it ok to simply delete above directories with rm or should I use a specific utility?

I am asking because I don’t know if there could be pointers in the system to those 2 directories.

sudo rm -rf /path/to/directroy should do the job.

You could pass -v (- -verbose) as well to see what is being done.

Also you might want to uninstall the grub package (if not done already) and also remove


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Ok, so simply delete the dirs. Thanks.

grub packages were uninstalled when I moved do systemd-boot.

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If you still have the package grub-tools installed, you might want to uninstall that one as well.

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No, grub-tools are not installed here.

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