HI all

Have just installed Endeavour on a second PC, having ARCH on another

Am playing or rather messing with Samba to share folders between these two machines, which for the moment I can’t get it to work

Somehow I managed to create a MYGROUP (see image) which I do not want it but can’t find the way to delete it

It is not in my SMB.conf only the Workgroup as usual

Any help would be appreciated

Welcome to the forum! :grin:

Under which folder have you mounted the shares? Could be as simple as umounting that share and deleting the folder?

I used samba in the past but its been a while, perhaps someone else has more insights…


Thanks it’s not a share just when I double click on Network

Normally I should see just just workgroup, but I am also seeings mygroup as well and I don’t know why