Delete files from "tmp" folder, or does it contain important files for EOS?

Hi friends.

When I used Windows 10, there was a folder called “tmp” that contained program installers or updates, or things like that, that were left there abandoned and you could delete them.

I wonder if this folder has the same purpose? I mean, are EOS/Arch installers or update files stored here, something similar to Windows 10?

And can I delete everything that is in it, or should I not delete anything? Because I don’t know if EOS has important files here, since there are folders with a lock that look important.

Thanks in advance friends.

Running programs often write data there so you may cause some havoc if you start deleting /tmp blindly.

However, by default, /tmp is mounted on a tmpfs so the data will go away on it’s own.


Thank you Mr. Dalto. Normally Blender and other programs render the images/videos there and I thought it was some kind of “junk folder” or something like that.

If important programs run/create files in tmp while EOS is running, then I’d better not touch anything there.

I also don’t know what tmpfs is exactly, but I’ve looked for information and it seems to be a temporary folder that works like ram memory, which doesn’t permanently write data, so as you said, most of the files should be deleted upon reboot (or something like that).

Except for the Blender files and other programs, I can move them wherever I want, although for now I only recognize the Blender files in that folder.

Thanks again!

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