Default MIME/filetype-programs assocations

Is there an universal/default way to associate given file types and programs to open/edit them ?
xdg-open doesn’t really work anymore on wayland, and lots of things didn’t quite use it before either.
I’m irritated there is no simple standard on this, uniform bewteen CLI (which shouldn’t require anything associated to X I suppose ?) and graphical applications.

The most reliable way I’ve found is to use whatever method is built into the file manager, i.e. right-click, open with (or properties, depending), select the correct application for the file. It’s a bit of a faff if you have many different file types, but otherwise it’s OK.

a bit faf if you have different browsers/filemanagers or whatever interact with files. Including the shell. I see, so the state of things is really… sh]ŧ !
But mimeo seems fine and fairly simple.

How are you opening files in a terminal if not with the application you want to open the file?

Why are people using multiple file managers? :sweat_smile:


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You’re right, the shell doesn’t interact by itself.
On the top of my mind, I have used:
ranger, nnn, chromium/firefox/qutebrowser, “open” command (so xdg-open) I suppose, pcmanfm,
all having at least some capacity to do “do” stuff with files, and all had of them had different, if not just slightly different behaviors.
[non-racist rant on]
I have no clue how to paramater nnn (just isn’t nearly as simple as ranger), rifle is uselessly complex and above all I won’t even try to learn something that doesn’t apply all across the board, usually browsers are fine (always defaulting to graphical tools though), and “open” doesn’t work much anymore… graphical file managers work on the box, usually.
Mimeo is slow as hell, that seems to be a common problem, and one I can’t condone… seriously, writing in python something to be called nigh constantly feels a bit retarded to me… Or maybe people’s machines are so powerful they don’t mind a lot of bloat.
[rant off]
I’ll end up finding what I want. I hope. something easy to parameter, that I can have all programs interacting with files use consistently, and written in c or c++, in any case instantaneous.

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Now I’m fully going on broom, which fulfilled me entirely. Lightning-fast, complete.
But until I’ve learnt to parameter the asociations within broot I wish to know where xdg-open finds its defaults mimetype association ? I can’t find a definitive answer as it seems to vary with distributions.