Default fonts in XFCE changed

Hey, there, I need some help.
Somewhere between the last 2 days of updated, my entire default font in XFCE sessions changed. I have no idea what EndeavorOS uses as defaults, or where to check what changed or what happened - Appereance β†’ Fonts still lists Noto Sans Regular, which I think was always there, but everything actually uses a completely different font:

Appreciate any help.

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Also noticed that, could it be the recent Noto Fonts update i wonder?, My fonts also got larger. Lets hope someone can chime in and help us : )

Someone wants to know what happened during the update. I made an experiment from scratch and failed to reproduce the error.
You may change the Monospace font to Inconsolata Regular and
add this line
.thunar { font-size: 9pt }
to ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css
thunar -q && thunar or relogin
or wait for the β€˜cavalry’ here.