Default applications on i3 / qBittorrent


I’m very new to i3, installed it just yesterday, and I am having issues with the default applications, especially in qBitTorrent. If I click: open containing folder it opens it with Atom (the file editor!) and if I try and open a video file for example - it opens it with Handbreak, the video editor instead of vlc. It completely ignores the .config/mimeapps.list where I have a line to open video files with vlc. It does not occur if I open the video from the file browser. Any ideas will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

i have no clue about qbittorrent but this looks like an issue inside qbittorrent and not i3 in any way?

It works as it is supposed to in Gnome. Back in the days after an update to Endeavour it also started to open folders with Atom instead of Nautilus, but after I told it to open directories with Nautilus it got fixed.

Found out that there is a MimeType in the .desktop entries for Atom and Handbrake located in /usr/share/applications. Commented it out and things are working as supposed to.

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