Deepin Version?

I’ve installed Deepin on another computer and the only thing I can find is that it says it’s an rolling-arch
version. No clue as to what version it is. I assume it may be 20? It looks different than other versions I’ve tried in other distro’s including the chinese versions of the past. It seems to work very well. I’ve got just about everything installed as I do with Cinnamon version on another computer. I’m pretty impressed. There are a few misclassifications of apps in the wrong menu category menu (not a big deal) . . .i.e. astronomy programs in the ‘office’ section of the expanded window menu. All in all I’ve got ever Arch repository apps installed such as 'xnviewmp, google-earth, zoom) installed and working but I’m going to try Lightzone again as it may have issues with openjava jdk 8 thru 14? Anyways I’m very impressed with the clean simple design of the software shell as it is better IMHO than earlier versions of Deepin. Any idea’s or thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks for a great distro. . .
Rich :slight_smile:

Lightzone didn’t activate: installed fine with installation errors but terminal says this:

richardc@AM3 ~]$ lightzone
Starting LightZone version 4.2.1 …
with options :

/usr/bin/lightzone: line 7: java: command not found
/usr/bin/lightzone: line 78: -XX:MinHeapFreeRatio=30: command not found
/usr/bin/lightzone: line 96: exec: java: not found

What ever maybe someone in the Arch community will figure this one out?

Rich :wink:

you may miss to install the right version of java-environment ?
( jdk11-openjdk )

And it seems deepin do not show information on its own version, but Arch Repos have Deepin Beta 20 (what we use to install here)

Openjdk-11 and Openjdk-11 headless were installed and now lightzone activates and runs. Terriffic. I can only surmise I’m running Deepin Beta . It’s seems pretty darn good. IMHO it is the best version desktop of Deepin that has come out. … streamline and pretty smooth. As stated earlier I’ve got Cinnamon on another computer and it too is excellent. I was a big Manjaro fan for 5 years but I think this distro is much better.
The Forums and the people are very good on responses. I once made a remark on Debian’s forums and was treated horribly by some of the people. . . .that was the worse mistake of my life and the people (some of them were complete arses. None-the-less I’ve stayed away from Debian completely and it’s forums. ( Their purist attitudes exemplified to me were those of an elite cult group of snobbish geeks who could care less in helping people.) I’m no technocrat but I’ve distro-hopped for 25 years at least starting with OpenSuse 6 , then Freebsd which was a total failure in my ability to grasp all the nuances of programming and computer tech which I am not an expert in. I’ve dabbled with python, tried Java, pascal (free pascal (and finally realized this isn’t everyone’e game.)

Thanks for your kind response I certainly appreciate it.

Rich :wink:


you are welcome :slight_smile:

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