Decryption Problem at boot

Hello Guys,
i chose full disk encryption when i installed EndeavourOS a few month ago.
In the beginning everything worked fine, but now there is some problem.

After pressing Ctrl-D i can type in the keyword and the system starts. But it’s annoying and costs time, so please help me, solving this issue.

today i chrooted into the system from usb-stick and reinstalled the kernel-package. but no success. It’s a weird problem, i googled the error messages but coul not find any solution.

systemctl status “systemd-cryptsetup@luks\x2dce2b3cf4\x2d64eb\x2d49ce\x2d9909\x2db11233bddf68.service”
“Failed to activate, key file ‘/crypto_keyfile.bin’ missing.”

Did you accidentally delete your keyfile?

If you manually decrypt and mount the partition is that file present?

That would be my first guess as well. Especially since in the OPs image they see:

Warning: /dev/mapper/luks-(string of characters) does not exist

While not the only reason, a deleted key file is the number one cause of that warning.

i never used a keyfile. i type in the keyphrase and thats it.
according to some thread in the manjaro forum, i should edit /etc/crypttab and change “/crypto_keyfile.bin” to “none”

That should disable the keyfile. But it didn’t work for me.