Decryption failed GPG not working correctly

Hi all,

i have a problem with gpg decryption. After success encryption i cant open / decrypt the file with the correct key.

Can you add me some advice?

I attached a image of my screen.


ps:. I tried reinstall keyring, kgpg software.

Please do the encryption / decryption on the command line and share the output.

It is really interesting, with terminal is ok, the problem maybe will be with the kgpg software.

For the future:
Please do not use screenshots in the forum wherever possible. Copying and pasting the text is much preferred.

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You are right.
Thanks for the advice.

The solution is next one:

  • I removed every keys from software Kgpg
  • After i imported keys by commandline
    An now it is working with the Kgpg software.

Thank you.

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