Decisions decisions... theming... ;)

Very important topic.
I have three candidates for themes: Arc Dark, Matcha (Arc) Blue and Numix Arc Blue.

And then of course icons: Paper, Numix Circle or Numix Square.
Decisions decisions…

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Adwaita!!! Oh, sorry that isn’t in the list…


There’s a lot of great themes out there, it’s certainly a tough decision and up to personal taste. Maybe pick one for a week or two and switch it out.

Oh I know. At least an Arc-blue base is easier to find good wallpapers for than the Manjaro Sea Green I am used to.

Adwaita is the best choice for compatibility.
Examples with a version 3.32 gnome-control-center.
Gnome-Veteran bug:


In the arc theme for example, the last version I tested in the general tab of gnome-tweaks to a bug in the key turns on and off, I do not know if it was fixed but it’s annoying.

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The new version of the theme is good. The onld one looked VERY dated.
I am sticking with Arc Dark for now, and Numix Circle. Now off to wallpaper hunt.

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Thank’s!! I’ll take another look.

Arc, Arc-Dark and Papirus is what I am currently using

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lately i use vimix gtk-themes, you have also kde one i gues and kvantum :slight_smile:

My wife and I like numix-frost-light (you have to install numix-frost-themes) for our theme, oxygen-icons for our icons, and the breeze-snow-cursor theme for our cursor. All have to be added as they are not supplied with EndeavourOS.

Under the Window Manager, we have selected Wallis as our theme for the control icons at the top of the screen.

Those are our choices and we like them very much. But, whatever you choose, you are not stuck with it and, as I’m sure you know, you can change things at any time.


I’m not sure if this is the right place to bring it up, but I’m curious if there are any thoughts from the EOS crew regarding themes for other desktops in the future?

As far as I understand it they want to use resources in the offical repos, not in the AUR or custom made.
Which narrows things down.

AS indeedn atleast support themes is as best. there is few good themes. most themes is based on a theme but troubles comes indeed at some updates :slight_smile: themes are pretty subjective too =)

I always seem to tend to gravitate toward Adapta’s themes, I don’t know why but it just appeals to me the most. Just a minor adjustment to the Papirus icon set (papirus-folders from the AUR) and I feel comfy. Some may see the flat colors and style to be childish, but it feels very easy on my eyes and distinguishes items from one another (I’m visually impaired, to a huge extent), plus it just looks nice, and I kind of like the soft cute-ish aesthetic that may come from it.

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