Decent inexpensive Shielded RCA cables?

Kinda not the usual topic around here but Tech related in a way.

We have any audio guys around here who know a place other than Amazon to get some good shielded RCA cables?

I need to find super short runs for my AMP and Interface as I have a neighbor that does HAM next door and want to reduce RFI. Its not easy to find a place that you know is legit selling shielded cables that isnt Amazon which i refuse to shop at or that arent around like 60-100$ a cable which is actual madness.

Without knowing where you are located it is hard to give good advice but if these guys ship to you this is where I get most of my cables from:

I haven’t tried these exact cables because I haven’t had to buy RCA cables in 20 years or so.

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I avoid giving too much specific but Im in NA

Those cables are decent and i have another pair of monorpice cables but im looking at 1-1.5ft and a 6in run. Thats 2 extra feet of cable id have to cram behind my monitor or something :joy: The other monoprice RCAs are so stiff and tight they about want to rip the jack out of my AMP/Interface.

Schitt sells some short ones but they have bad soldering and strain relief, JDS Labs is OOS at the moment on theirs so Ive been struggling to find something that isnt from China on Ebay (which may or may not be legit) or from Amazon.

These guys do quality custom cables but you are probably looking at $40/pair.

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The folks on ASR have recommended those, they have a minimum 1ft cable length. 40$ a pair is a bit rough but i might cave if needed lol Most of the places Ive found seem to be a 1-3FT minimum.

I wish i wasnt garbage with a soldering iron or I would make my own. Ive been researching for a week now and figured I may as well ask some folks around here and see if i get lucky :upside_down_face:

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yeah i read this one

I know for certain its the current long junk cables i have. I have 2 several foot long runs that are old RCA cables i think i got with like a Playstation 2 or something years ago and the other was a thrift store buy. :laughing: I know ground is good with no ground loops nad all my equipment is battery backed with brand new batteries on a tested UPS so Im not getting line noise. My system is basically noise free 90% of the time till my neighbor is doing HAM radio.

I even had some RFI through my cheap XLR but that was easy to find a replacement. I could pick up their ham with nothing but the XLR cable on my mic input and record it if i wanted to. That article actually is what lead me to looking for shielded cables to to remedy the issue somewhat. Im looking for twisted pair shielded RCA but in the spceific lengths I want its proving difficult :pensive:

What lengths are you looking for?

6inch and 1.5ft

The 1ft runs arent too hard to find but the 6in are proving really difficult to find outside of amazon or questionable ebay sellers. Randoms on ebay its hard to know if theyre actually selling shielded cable as nobody really checks the cables and usually theyre from China which means ages for shipping or returns.

Are these like 2 channel? How about 9 Inches and 1.6 ft.

Edit: This seller from the US ships to most countries.

Edit2: Doesn’t say shielded?

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Are you sure you want 6in cables. That usually includes the plugs and the heavily shielded cables often have minimal flex at the connector or long connectors. You might end up with 2in of usable cable.

My stack doesnt have enough room in the place i have to have it so it has to be around 6in. I know the ones from Schiit and JDS labs are around 8in with the plugs and 6 for the cable. I dont need a ton of flex just some and a short length.

Those dont looks to be shielded, they dont say what sort of cable they use but looks to be twisted pair speaker wire or round abouts that sort of wire.

What about these ones.

They have 2 ft next size.

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Hmmm…found these but this isnt a company ive really heard of. They use REAN connectors and Sommer cable. The cable looks pretty decent when i look up the manufacturer

ouch…60$ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Those cables looks super solid though. They could be an option if nothing else, Imight get desperate enough here soon

I know the 2 ft ones are $90 but they look nice.

These are definitely cheaper in price.

Thats for sure, just a company ive not really heard of at all :grimacing:

They seem legit, they apparently partner with Schiit audio

So i think this company might have exactly what Im looking for. They seem to be reputable, dont over charge for decent cables, and looks to be shielded Sommer cable.
Ill shoot them a message tomorrow and confirm the cable type and let you guys know.

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