Debbie Downer is in the house

Ironic that this is from the joke thread, but it s not really that funny.

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Not seeing it here but it takes me more than 8 hours to upload my next joke. :laughing:

Yeah that has been around now for about a month or so. We lost our resident Jokester do to it. @sharp hasn’t been around lately and I suspect its do to that.


I am only speculating, but my guess would be the joke thread is more of a nuisance to moderate than we casual readers may realize. Especially if posts are getting flagged and there have to be side-discussions about what is appropriate for the forum and what is not, and so on.

The “slow mode” seems annoying, but I think the idea is if you can only post in there a couple times a day then maybe you will give your post a little more thought (instead of just immediately pasting any funny joke you see). Especially toward the end there, there were a lot of duplicate posts; I suppose at some point enough is enough.

It appears they have been suspended.