Deadbeef - cannot see the control buttons on dark theme

Tried lots of themes and my internet foo is weak today:

It actually look bettter in the screenshot. Any ideas how to change to pale/white buttons?

Try this:

Edit>Preferences>GUI/Misc: Set GUI Plugin to GTK3

Edit>Preferences>Appearance>Playlist: Select Override, set all Foregrounds to White and in Background set the Cursor to White.
All other colours can be default or your choice of colour.

Also: if your are using KDE/Plasma, set ApplicationStyle>GTK ApplicationStyle to a dark theme.

It worked for me, hope it helps! :smile:

It is the icon theme, not the theme duh! I posted on github:

I re-installed and the hey-blue-darker has gone from the kde-store (and I didn’t notice!!!), so I found it on my drive and moved it over.

I feel so dim :rofl:

Ah! All’s well that ends well then. :grin:

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