Ddterm extension no longer launching on hotkey

Is anyone using ddterm Gnome extension? It’s just a very handly drop down terminal no matter where you are. I am am just setting up this desktop and the F12 hotkey either does nothing or if I have the Firefox browser is in focus, it launches developer tools (which I think Chrome does as well). I remember Vivaldi has this neat hotkey remapping in the settings, and Mozilla say there is nowhere to change it, but that was from a 2015 thread and there was yet another add-on to fix that. So that’s what I get if a browser is open…

instead of ddterm.

Any suggestions how to fix this? I have been through every setting in Firefox and ddterm extension configuration, and it is identical to the other PC I have where F12 works.

Maybe you can suggest another a dropdown terminal that works on 43? I tried Yakuake and other but they no longer support Gnome 43.


Have you installed guake? That’s just a toggle button for it.

You are a genius :thought_balloon:
Goodbye ddterm. This has more features and uses vt3. Awesome.

Is there any way to change window position so it launches from the left?
On a wide screen it gives more screen real estate.

I don’t know, I don’t use Guake or Gnome. Sorry.

It’s ok, I found it, just uses different names, and it’s better than adding yet another extension to Gnome to make it do what it should already do.
Have a great day/evening.

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