Davinci resolve unsupported gpu proccesing mode?

Hi, im currently trying to launch davinci resolve but when i try to launch it it says unsupported gpu proccesing mode and i cant select any gpu

i have looked at the archwiki, its says something about nouveau not working in resolve?

system specs:
ryzen 5 3600
16gb ram
rtx 2060

Welcome to the forum someone will be along shortly with an answer.

I have Davinchi resolve working here even the Beta of 18 but my
card is nvidia based.

Like I say someone be along soon.


Hi and welcome! :rocket:

Noveau is known to not work with Da Vinci Resolve. AFAIK, Da Vinci Resolve works only with proprietary drivers. (there might be exceptions)

Try installing nvidia-utils and opencl-nvidia and see if that makes it work. (You might need to uninstall mesa if you have that)

Thanks for the reply, but how do i uninstall mesa and replace it with nvidia? i just switched to linux haha. and is there any downside using nvidia instead of nouveau?

What is the make off your graphics card? If its nvidia then your ok.
I dont think they support intel graphics.


Hi to install items its
Sudo pacman -S nvidia-utils
sudo pacman -S opencl-nvidia

I have mesa installed here and it runs even with it installed so you
should be ok on that one.

To remove a package sudo -R package-name


I believe its Nvidia because :point_down:

Try at the prompt then.

Thanks @flyingcakes and @Data for the awesome help :smiley:


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