Data recovery : btrfs SSD : image.dd

I accidentally wiped out by main backup, which was on a 120Gb ssd.
Now before anyone says stop switch off and call an expert data recovery
expert : I cant afford that kind off money that some one would charge…,
plus the data is not that pricey to replace. We are talking about a £100 GBP
or so.

I researched on this very forum and found I could use an utility testdisk,
Ive used that to make an image.dd file, Ive copied/moved it to a 1TB
ssd. So I am sitting with the data in this image file “image.dd”.
When making the file I could see the listing and my files within it,
so Im confident I have resolved that part of the equation.

The question is now how to unpack this “image.dd” I have found a
reasonable page Here
However when I run the loop command it does not work and fails.

Mkdir files
mount -o loop,ro ./image.dd files 
mount: files: failed to setup loop device for /run/media/steve/5773df34-8791-49bd-923f-59db7757e838/image.dd.

So the grand question is what/how to get at the files within this image.dd file

The original 120Gb ssd that got wiped still exists so if there is a better way
Of recovering deleted files and directory’s that is still possible to.



mount -o loop,ro  /run/media/steve/5773df34-8791-49bd-923f-59db7757e838/image.dd  ~/files

assuming files is under your home directory.

@pebcak The comp has two 120Gb ssd and a 1TB nvme main drive.
I have hooked up a external usb 1TB ssd where the image.dd is now
So rthats how its laid out.

-1TB ssd external

Would have done a inxi -b except it does not seem to easily
display SSD layouts, with out wading through pages of help to
get right switch


I guess the syntax should be:

mount -o loop,ro /path/to/image.dd /path/to/mountpoint

I guess.

Otherwise, with the recovery process proper, I am not the one to be counted on :sweat_smile:
I have no experience.


i wound’t want to be on your skin @data but i wish you good luck and hope you can recover your files

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