Dark theme problem - gnome-extensions

Is Adwaita-Dark the only theme that works for this app? Every other dark theme I have tried it is glaringly white?

Example Dracula-Slim:

If my thinking is correct, the issue has to do with GTK-4.0 support – or, in this case, the lack thereof.

A good check to see if a theme explicitly supports GTK-4.0 is to check the folder for the theme in question. If there is a GTK-4.0 folder, then the theme fully supports GTK 4.0 apps.

If the GTK-4.0 doesn’t exist, then Gnome will likely default to Adwaita (light) as seen in your screenshot.


Of course! Not considered that :smiley: There are not many around, searching on gnome-look now.

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Most of https://github.com/vinceliuice themes are updated. He’s always normally one of the first 3rd party to do so.

(And he’s amazing!)


I use his vimix theme. I checked, and the dark-amethyst variant should be updated. It also works well with Dracula. His WhiteSur theme is also good for Dracula.

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I will have a look, thanks!

:edit: it is a no for whitesur:

Found this (skeuos):


Skeuos is a beautiful theme. It’s a shame that it doesn’t fully support cinnamon.

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I am using Materia-dark-compact from the materia-gtk-theme package, you can install using yay or pacman and it has extensions darkened.