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Wow, I wish that was around when me and my Grandson was doing Geocaching

Actually, Geocaching and bicycling are a great match.



In continuation of the topic, I want to show some screenshots…
This is already displaying directly on my Wahoo Bolt2. I think it will be easy to understand where the Wahoo map is and where “mine” is.
I am pleased with the result, and perhaps I will focus on this option :bike:

01new 01old

02new 02old


Strange winter so far. Looks and feels more like March.


Planning to take a bikepacking trip between Pittsburgh, PA and D.C. in May. I’ll be following the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and the C&O Canal Towpath. Plan to record on Strava (and probably copy to Facebook). If you’re on Strava, you can find me here:


If it’s not difficult, after your trip, share a report about it :handshake:
And the track on Strava can be attached :bike:


I urgently need to take away all my credit cards and turn off the Internet…
I made a promise to myself that I would stop shopping. At least temporarily.
But man is weak… and I am no exception :laughing:

And so, sitting in the kitchen with a cat, over a cup of coffee, I “snapped” again :rofl:

I bought a saddle for my beloved wife. I love this firm. And my wife needed a comfortable saddle for a bicycle. Desire and opportunities coincided…

I bought a Microshift. I’ve been thinking about him for a long time. Understanding people should understand me. And now I can, if necessary, use a spare GRX400 (10x) in 11x mode. Yes, the GRX400 actually has the same geometry as the 11x switches, but is limited to a manette. Microshift in friction mode removes these restrictions. And in general, this manette can be used with any switch of any manufacturer. Up to 11x exactly, and with 12x options are possible.

Finally, I added an SLX cassette to my DeoreXT. And I learned what a good transmission job is.

Having Ergon TP1 now there will be no difficulty in installing spikes on shoes. It is enough to install your shoes in TP1 with the configured position of the spikes and record the values. After that, the “correct” position of the spikes is transferred to the new shoes easily and without difficulties.

Well, for comfort, I purchased SQlab Innerbarends. Now I use a clone of Spirgrips and I am very happy. But I decided to take SQlab as a reserve.


A little earlier I said that I had purchased Ergon TP1. And now I’ve already used it - moved the location of cleats to new shoes.
Indeed, everything is easy and simple :slightly_smiling_face:

I am almost sure that at the end of this year it will be necessary to change the tires… I have not found any alternative to the ones I use now. So I just bought a couple of the same tires - they suit me completely :+1:



Today opened the 2023 season. Finally! :grinning:
There was still a lot of snow, but I couldn’t wait any longer…
All onboard systems are operating normally :wink:


Just noticed this blog here in forums. I’m a cyclist. . . and I did 2200 miles last year here in my back yard by my home. Just a 10.5 mile loop that I do 6-days a week , 4 weeks a month, every month for 12 months. This year we’ve been having a long cold winter with plenty of snow. This has been the best year in the past 8 years we’ve lived here for precipitation. It’s been long overdue. When the weather permits it I’ll be starting my daily routine once again. . . . weather permitting. Got to watch out for the idiots in vehicles. . . .they’re dangerous here. That’s the biggest drawback. I pedal a ‘Sirius’ Specialized urban bike and find it much more comfortable then the racing bike configurations. It didn’t cost too much and it fit’s the bill. I’m 71 years old and still 20 in my head.

Rich :wink:


Добро пожаловать!
Welcome to like-minded people :biking_man:

It seems to me that there are things that are unchangeable and do not change from geographical location and level of well-being :joy:

It’s always nice when a person chooses what is convenient for him… And it does not follow any imposed “dogmas”.
Because it’s funny to read recommendations on choosing bicycles on Moscow forums…
“What should I choose to drive around Moscow?” Can you guess what the answer is?
Right! Full suspension with suspension strokes of at least 140mm :rofl:
For flat, asphalted Moscow :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

My respect :handshake:

This is my route. . . typically the wind either blows from the N to the S or the S to the N at times up to 20 mph on some days. . . .Cleanest air in the region. . . no pollution except for occasional wildfires when the weather is hot and dry. No too hot because the wind cools things down substantially. Traffic is a problem but it’s worth it despite that. Enjoy riding . . . a great way to stay fit and healthy.

Rich :wink:


Thank you for sharing your location!
With pleasure, I “walked” along your roads :biking_man:

But still, how different are the roads we drive on…