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Hello! Don´t know if this is the right category. But seems so.
I’m starting to study cybersecurity while doing my graduation, I really like this field, but it has so many areas and so many different paths to go. My aim here is to get some advice from people in this type of IT career. Also certifications! man there are so many. Wich should be a good starting point?

I don’t think making career choices based on what random people on the internet say is particularly wise. Now, I know that the previous sentence disqualified me from giving you advice, but here it is anyway: go befriend some real cyber-security experts in real life and talk to them about their job. They are the best people to point you in the right direction. Cyber-security is a very wide field, so you should figure out which part of it you’re interested in the most, and if that can make a good career (and if not, what is the second best option).

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Which certifications you need is going to vary based on what part of the world you are in and what you want to accomplish. You should probably try to find someone in your geography to advise on this.

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Fala amigo, sou analista de segurança da informação há mais de 10 anos…
Já trabalhei em grandes empresas, entre elas Orange, Vale, Embratel, ajudei durante as últimas 2 semanas na Rio 2016 como analista de firewall pois o último tinha se demitido…

Recomendo certificação para trabalhar na área de telecom em segurança:

CCNA / CCNP Security (Se tirar essas, vai ter uma visão bem abrangente de redes e de segurança, não só de Cisco).

Checkpoint: Firewall
Palo Alto: Firewall
Fortigate: Firewall da Fortinet, empresa que vem crescendo bastante

Essas são as que eu tive e que deixei expirar por preguiça… mas vou tirar novamente um dia, problema que agora estou sem tempo…

Pode também procurar certificações na area de IPS/IDS… McAfee e etc …

Um curso muito bom também desejado na área é:


Muito obrigado! Já me é de grande ajuda.

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I’m currently doing an honours bachelor degree in cybersecurity. For Certifications, I strongly suggest the (ISC)2 certifications mainly CISSP. If you want to do Linux security Istrongly suggest LPIC(Linux Professional Institute Certification)-3 Security. I hope this can help you! I currently work as an intern security analyst, if you would like to know more.


Given you’re currently studying, you have access to a range of people already: lecturers, graduates, supervisors, student societies, companies, …

Ask your supervisor for pointers, ask other students, join a student society and talk to graduates who are still part of their e.g. IRC or Slack channels.

This is networking, and an essential part of career development.



welcome onboard. As for which path, that decision must be up to you. As a penetration tester, I can assure you that companies definitely want at minimum an OSCP. Anyway, a lot of companies offer you a junior spot, paying you the expensive cert, once you are on board. They often want to see your own ambitions, they might ask you for profiles on HackTheBox, TryHackMe, or HackerOne.


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Thank you all for the insights.

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