Cutefish - a brief look

Tried it, not bad, but the dock cannot be hidden and takes up a lot of space.

  • No global menu as yet.
  • Need to work out how to get variety wallpaper changer to work.
  • Not a lot of customization options (not a bad thing).

The next release, the dock can be hidden (according to their admin), will give it a more extensive test then.

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Honestly, there are lots of these macos clones around now. You can do what cutefish can do with kde+latte and know that it is actively maintained.


I tried it in a VM. Global menu support has been added and the dock can autohide now.

It seems to tbe qt-based and it looks nice but there aren’t enough features implemented yet for it to be truly usable for most people.

There are only two apps so far, a calculator and file manager. Both seem to have bugs. Although, in my minimal testing, I didn’t encounter any bugs with the DE itself.


Looks very nice, but I can make KDE Plasma look like this in 5 minutes.


Put on your cool shades, a new DE is in the pot cooking.

Cutefish is an adorable Linux desktop environment that could make serious waves


~ Merged thread. Also, # My thoughts; I agree with @Kresimir , you can do this with KDE and get a bazillion (dramatic number) QT apps. Unless they create something…special…not really seeing the need.


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Latte is garbage though.