Customizing EndeavourOS Into An "Apeture Labs" Design

Hello, I am trying to make an my laptop look like an “Apeture Labs” (Valve’s made up Lab organization for games like portal and some of their VR games) laptop on XFCE by changing EndeavourOS’ name and changing the logo/icon to the Apeture Labs logo. Does anybody know how I could do this?

Hi. Do you mean the small icon in the panel, which can optionally have a name next to it?

Which name and which logos/icons?
If it is the neofetch icon and name these can be changed easily, you may have to make a custom ASCII for it though. The icon in the whisker menu can be easily changed too.
Since I don’t have access to a computer I’ll have to do a search and post some relevant links that may help.
Btw welcome to the forum

Yes, I’m talking about that also.

Im trying to replace all the EndeavourOS names I can to Apeture Labs and all the logos/icons I can that represent EndeavourOS to the Apeture Labs Logo

For Neofetch Customisation

Still trying to find a relevant link for the whisker menu, normally I’d just screenshot an example

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OK that one is easy: Right-click on the EnOS icon and select Properties from the drop down menu. Open the 2nd tab of the Whisker Menu preferences. There you will find options to customize the Appearance. If you click on the icon you can change it. You can also change the words to anything you like, or disable them. You will need to have a new icon ready to load.


No worries I’m just thankful for all the help!

Thank you so much for your help. I have been looking everywhere and I completely forgot to look in the more obvious places.

You’re welcome, I’m not too sure what other logos are on the XFCE besides the EOS applications and I have never really had any need to change many icons around so this is beyond me

Its not really a necessity, Im just a big portal, half-life, and the lab fan and arch linux-based distros like EnOS are highly customizable to such things.

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Yes both Portal and Half-Life are great games. I think these are the main name and logos that you would see with daily use anyway. The other icons will only really show up as you go through the menu and most of the time (for me anyway) I have the main applications I use either pinned to the panel or in favourites in the whisker menu which if it isn’t showing by default can be set in the whisker menu settings.