Custom kernel installation question

Hello. I’d like to install pre-builded custom kernel. CachyOS Bore for example.
Should i add their repositories? And if yes, should their repos be installed to keep kernel running?

You could do that. Just be aware that will add all of their repos leaving you with mix-matched repos.

If you do add their repos, be sure to put them at the bottom of the list.

Yes, if you install something from their repos, you will want to add them so the kernel will be updated.

Alternatively, you could write a script that downloads the kernels you want locally and setup a local repo.

I haven’t used that kernel, but it seems to be in the AUR.

yay -S linux-cachyos-bore

should be able to install it. Note that building a kernel may take a lot of time.

thanks :black_heart:

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I’ll try it. Thanks
Should I install headers to build it too?

If you are using any dkms software, then yes. But it shouldn’t hurt to install it anyway.

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