Curstom Refresh Rate

I got a new monitor and MSI Optix G274QRFW. It says the monitor is 170hz, but shows up as up to 165hz in XFCE display settings. My friend says he just creates a custom refresh rate in his nvidia control pannel on Windows. I have an AMD Radeon 6900 XT. Is there a way for me to do this? And also do I have to do anything to activate freesync and use 10 bit colours? My previous monitor was an 8 years old 1080p 144hz so it had none of that. I am quite unfamiliar with the xorg config, any help is appreciated.

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Actually I discovered today there is a monitor setting I had to turn on called “DP Overclocking” and then the monitor showed up as 170hz. I can see that I need to set the depth to 30 for 10 bits colours, but the monitor is not true 10 bits, but 8 bits + FRC so do I have to do this as well?

First read up on the difference.

Edit: As per the Arch wiki does your monitor support 10 bit?

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That’s quite funny because I just read this.

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As above in the Arch wiki. Did you test your monitor to see whether it supports 10 bit?

Edit: If it supports it you could try enabling and test it. Just be careful pay close attention to details. You don’t want to do anything that would damage your monitor.

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You have to be careful with variable refresh rates also.

Warning: Overclocking your monitor may cause it to run hot and possibly cause harm.

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It’s a good monitor with great specs. You figured out how to set the 170 hz. I know the video card probably does 10 bit color.

Read this because i don’t think you want to do it based on what I’m reading.

Edit: Not sure how old or accurate this info is but just a heads up.

I just tested it and it displays the grid on 10 bits on all 3 monitors. Steam not working is definitely a big issue. I’m not sure if anything has changed since mesa 21 as I am currently on 23. Yeah it seems like a lot of issues :sweat_smile: Thank you so much rick, appreciate it!

I mean your welcome to try it! It’s your hardware but i just don’t want you to damage any of it also.