Cursor theme issues

With any GNU/Linux distro, for some reason I get this weird issue where if I changed my mouse cursor to something else, then if I am on the desktop my mouse theme is fine but if I open an application such as firefox, if I hover my mouse it reverts back to the default theme, is there a way to fix this?

I am using KDE

You need to change the cursor style in two places to prevent this happening:

System Settings > Cursors

System Settings > Application Style > GNOME/GTK Application Style > Icon Themes (box) > Cursor Style (pull-down menu)


Thanks mate it works.

But why does this happen though, why isn’t it enabled universally, just like in Windows?

I just know that apps built for different desktop environments (KDE, GNOME, etc.) use different theming libraries. Apps built for KDE use the Qt libraries and apps for GNOME use GTK/GTK+ libraries. I don’t really know why the options for theming are separated out. Someone more experienced than me might know why.

Anyway, I’m glad it worked!


That actually explains a lot, thanks :slight_smile: