Cursor is smaller on titlebar

So, I am using a custom cursor that I know worked properly before.

This cursor only has one size. By default it looks like this: image

But, when I move the mouse over the title bar of any app, it looks like: image

Anyone know why this is? Happens on GTK or QT apps. Rebooting doesn’t help. I am on Wayland btw.

Does it happen on xorg as well?

What is your global scaling1 set to? Does it happen when you set it to 100%?

1 System Settings → Display and Monitor → Display Configuration → Global Scale

Doesn’t seem to happen on x11. Disappointing. Seems it might be a Wayland thing.

Scale is at 100%.

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Yeah, Plasma on Wayland is not bug-free.

It does it on normal KDE also. If i have Firefox open and my cursor goes into the title bar it gets a little fatter maybe a tiny bit larger?

Edit: I don’t usually notice much or worry about it. :man_shrugging: