Cursor click button wont work


So, as i said in the title, my click button wont work when I’m using the touchpad. I think this is because I’m using a ThinkPad and currently my trackpoint and the touchpad left and right button (the physical one) is not working.

This only occurs whenever I use the trackpoint, i still can move around the cursor but i cannot click anything. I tried already to not touch my trackpoint, but maybe some of you have the solution to this problem that’s happening to me.


What do you mean by “click button”?

Originally you said the issue occurs when using the touchpad. Does it occur with either device, or which device causes the issue?

This is also kind of unclear. Do you want to use the trackpoint, or not? What were your observations when you tried to not touch the trackpoint?

Typically in the BIOS settings on Lenovo laptops you can disable the touchpad and the trackpoint. Try disabling whichever one you are not using and see if it helps.